THE Broadway Station ENSEMBLE

Interview of Stéphanie Morales, Broadway Station’s artistic director


The Broadway Station Ensemble is the result of beautiful musical encounters, but also human ones.

Since its creation in 2013, Broadway Station has welcomed talented artists, but above all, wonderful different types of personalities which contributed to our success.

Since 2015, it is Joachim Expert who ensures the musical direction. He realizes most of our

arrangements, even if it is a collective work.

Stage wise, director André Fornier joined the team for the writing of So Streisand, So Sinatra. Meetings, agreements, divergences.

I like feeling this point of imbalance that sets us into motion. Towards new things, creation!

We could have been called Group or Band, but an ENSEMBLE is better, right?!


It’s on Broadway that it all started! Mythical lighthouse and cradle of musicals, it is THE place to be for jazzmen from all over the world!

Going back to the start? Maybe because after all, I did a double degree in Opera and musicals.

Fréderic Gignoux has accompanied me in this adventure from the beginning. And it is with his complicity and those of the best jazzmen in the area, that I founded Broadway Station. I created the band the same way we offer each other gifts –  simply for the pleasure to play and share with the public this magnificent repertoire!

Streisand and Sinatra are our main idols, our angels and our inspiration.

And why STATION?

A metro station like this one, is already considered as a journey on its own, a destination, a transfer but also a meeting place.

As a lyrical singer, I still had other destinations to explore, other vocal temptations – such as confronting my obsessions varying from legato to the virtuosity of jazz!

It is from this desire to cross our universes and to enrich ourselves of our different paths that was born, the Broadway Station Ensemble.